Drake Plays Patronizing Friend Humbling Man in Front of Girlfriend in Hilarious Sketch

Drake stars in comedian BenDaDonnn's new comedy sketch, embodying "that one lit homie you don't want anywhere near the girl you talking to."

Prince Williams / WireImage

Drake keeps popping up in unexpected places. 

On Monday, the Her Loss rapper was featured in a new sketch by comedian and content creator BenDaDonnn. In his performance, per an Instagram caption, the multi-millionaire embodies "that one lit homie you don't want anywhereee near the girl you talkin to."

Drake makes a surprising entrance as he invites himself into BenDaDonnn's date night, humbling his "day-one" with a Cuban link chain as a gift while dissing his "li'l boy" neckwear and flirting with the woman. The Grammy-winner plays on her name, Aaliyah, by saying she resembles the singer and making a "Rock the Boat" joke.

Drake proceeds to show off his recent auction mega-win, 2Pac's ring. The piece was last seen on the late star in his appearance at the 1996 MTV VMAs. The precious ring was estimated to sell for $300,000 but wound up going for $1 million. Drizzy even touched on the fact that 'Pac engraved it with a special remark nodding to his relationship with Quincy Jones' daughter Kidada.

"He got it engraved for his girl, that's some shit I would do," Drake says as he holds out his hand for the woman to inspect at length.

The 36-year-old shares a toast with Aaliyah without including BenDaDonnn, then walks away while giving his friend a patronizing pat on the head.

"Like bruhhhh….gone on!!!! You know exactly wtf you doin," an in-character BenDaDonnn wrote in one IG caption. In another he added, "Wait...wtf is even goin on right now…and why are you seducing my b*tch!!!!??!!??? in front of me!!??!"

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