Nicki Minaj's Winners and Losers on 'Queen Radio' Episode 5

From Travis Scott's manager to the Iron Lady, here's who is in (and out) of favor with the Queen.

nicki at highline

Nicki Minaj Hosts The Highline Ballroom on May 19, 2018 in New York City.

nicki at highline

Anyone who listened to the latest episode of Nicki Minaj's Queen Radio show on Beats 1 knows that Nicki was not shy about telling us who's up and who's down in her world. So when she returned to the show on Thursday afternoon, following an announcement that her U.S. tour had been postponed—due, anonymous Live Nation sources said, to low ticket sales, though Minaj claimed otherwise—it was obvious that a new list of winners and losers was forthcoming. And while the show did contain actual news (she's selling new "priority passes" for her upcoming tour, a Jason DeRulo collaboration is coming out on Friday, and Hype Williams will be directing the video for "Barbie Dreams"), there was no shortage of time devoted to the people she currently loves and hates.


Kylie Jenner
Nicki responded to video that appeared to show Kylie dodging an encounter with the Queens rapper at the VMAs. She insisted that both she and her often-combative fans are on Jenner's side, despite the fact that Jenner's partnered with Hoe Nigga of the Week Travis Scott.

"I fucking love Kylie, and that’s not gonna change," she said. "And so do my fans… It’s obvious [Kylie] gotta ride with her man. But we're not gonna make this something that it's not… We're not gonna start any dumb-ass catfighting for your entertainment."

Kanye West 
Minaj expressed admiration for 'Ye  on a number of fronts. He "opened the doors for so many people," she said, whether it was in fashion or simply "inspir[ing] people to speak their minds."

Halle Berry
Nicki called the veteran actress "an iconic woman" while applauding her for persevering through her struggles with the media.

Margaret Thatcher
Minaj is apparently a fan of the Iron Lady, the former British prime minister. "Shoutout to Margaret Thatcher," she proclaimed at one point.

Tyga's sense of humor carried the day. Nicki was pleased at his self-effacing response to her earlier mention that the "Taste" rapper had hairline surgery.

Styles P
In an aside, Nicki proclaimed herself a fan of Styles' skit "Ass Bag," from his 2002 album A Gangster and a Gentleman.

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Irving Azoff
Azoff is a longtime music industry bigwig who used to run Ticketmaster and Live Nation, and who still sits on the board of the former. Nicki accused him of ("allegedly," she emphasized) leading a "smear campaign" against her tour—implying that he was behind the anonymous complaints about poor ticket sales in articles like this one. She also pointed out that Azoff is Travis Scott's manager. For all of this, Minaj gave Azoff the prized Cock Sucka of the Day award. 

Jean Nelson
A member of Nicki's management team, Nelson has also been second mic for the past several episodes of Queen Radio. But his loyalty didn't stop him from being crowned the Cock Blocker of the Year by his star client. "They really don't want me to have any cock," Minaj complained of her team. "Do you want me to be gay? Do you want me to go back to liking girls?"

The outlet was named Dick Rider of the Year—presumably for its recent op-ed "Nicki Minaj, 6ix9ine, and the Alarming Normalization of Predatory Behavior," which criticized Minaj for supporting 6ix9ine despite the fact that he pleaded guilty to use of a child in a sexual performance several years ago.

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