Drake Starts a Kindness Challenge: 'Let's All Watch the World Be Nice to Each Other'

The 6 God wants you to pay it forward.

Image via Getty/Johnny Nunez

Today, Drake released 2018's most heartwarming rap video with "God's Plan" (calling it early), but now the Toronto native says he wants the rest of us to go on the kindness tour, too.

He took to his Instagram story to call for his fans to do a good deed of any kind, document it, and tag him in the post. "I am not into challenges on IG I find them annoying, but today I am going to challenge everyone to just go out and do something for someone," he wrote. "Anything, the smallest thing, just to bring another human being some joy and please tag me in it somehow so I can see all the love being spread."


Drake gave away nearly $1 million in cash, cars, groceries, shopping sprees, and academic donations all around Miami during the course of the video's shoot, and though we may not all have it quite like that, there are tons of things you can do to be nice instead.

Drake wanted to make it clear the challenge came directly from his warm and fuzzy Canadian heart, and wasn't being used as a publicity stunt to increase streams or views of the already record-breaking and chart-topping single. "You don't have to play the song in the background or have some hashtag this isn't about streams and all the tactics being used." With the world's current state and a rough last few days in particular, if this challenge picks up it might be just what we need right now. "Go be kind in any way you can and let's all watch the world be nice to each other even if it's just for 24 hours."

Drake: rapper, actor, philanthropist, and philosopher.

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