Camila Cabello Shares Her New Video for "Never Be the Same"

The singer dropped another version back in December.

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With the chart-topping success of Camila, there's no denying that Camila Cabello has forged her own solo path, and today she continues that with a video for "Never Be the Same." It finds Camila sharing candid and intimate moments, along with scenes of the singer in the middle of a photo shoot with plenty of dope wardrobe to go along with it. The single is climbing the charts after the summer banger that was "Havana," and with a brand new video in tow, it's probably just going to keep rising.

If you're having a bit of deja vu about this song and video, you're not alone. Last year, Cabello actually dropped a different version of the video, one filled with more nostalgic road-to-stardom goodness and childhood home videos following her life and career. She announced the original video would go up on New Year's Eve, but ended up posting it two days early in excitement. "I wanted to give this to you guys as a New Year’s Eve present but I was too excited and couldn’t wait!!!" she said in a tweet sharing a minute-long preview of the first video.

Cabello is gearing up for her first headlining solo tour as she'll be hitting the road for the first time since her split from Fifth Harmony. The Never Be the Same Tour kicks off April 9 in Vancouver with stops scheduled throughout the U.S., Canada, and Europe.

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