As Camila Cabello gears up to release her self-titled debut album on Jan. 12, she took a moment to look back at her rise to success with a nostalgic music video for one of the project's lead singles, "Never Be The Same."

Sharing the video with fans on Friday afternoon, Cabello explained that she had originally planned to release the clip on New Year's Eve, but was too excited to wait.

Splicing together old home videos of Cabello as a child alongside recent clips of the singer accepting awards and performing for large crowds, the video serves as an inspiring recap of the 20-year-old's rise to success.

"This is a thank you from the bottom of my hear for always being here for me," Cabello told fans on Twitter.

"I frickin love you all so much and PS my family and I cried several times watching this back," she revealed in a subsequent tweet.

The former Fifth Harmony singer recently opened up to the BBC about the therapeutic effects she felt while creating her first solo album. "This process has taught me not to be afraid to feel," she explained. "Feeling sad is a part of life. Grief is a part of life. Heartbreak is a part of life, just as much as falling in love is a part of life. And it doesn't necessarily mean that those emotions are bad. They are just as necessary as the happy ones."

​The video seems to be striking an emotional chord with fans as well, who were quick to share touching messages on Twitter. You can watch the video above and see fan responses below.