New Eminem and Dr. Dre Music to Reportedly Appear on ‘Bodied’ Soundtrack

Eminem and Paul Rosenberg are reportedly putting together the 'Bodied' soundtrack and enlisting Dr. Dre.

Eminem is attached to another film about battle rap. As most remember, the last time Slim Shady was linked to such a project, the world got an Academy Award and Grammy-winning song in “Lose Yourself,” as well as Mekhi Phifer in quite possibly the world’s worst dreadlocked wig. 

This time around, Em, director Joseph Khan and Alex “Kid Twist” Larsen are collaborating on the battle rap satire Bodied. Eminem served as a co-producer, while Khan directed and Larsen wrote the screenplay. Perhaps the biggest news surrounding Bodied is that the two recluses behind Aftermath’s 1999 resurgence are rumored to contribute to the soundtrack.

“Eminem and his longtime manager Paul Rosenberg (8 Mile) are putting together a soundtrack for Bodied,” wrote The Hollywood Reporter. “The cut that screened at TIFF on Sept. 7 as the opening night Midnight Madness selection didn’t have much in the way of new music, but by the time it’s bought and ready for distribution (ICM is selling worldwide rights), Eminem will contribute a number of songs to the soundtrack. The pair also has enlisted Dr. Dre for a couple of songs.”

As the permanently shelved Detox proved, enlisting Dr. Dre and actually getting a finished product from the legendary producer are two distinctly different things. For what it’s worth, Rosenberg also co-executive produced Southpaw, which yielded the 2015 Eminem tracks “Phenomenal” and “Kings Never Die.”

Hope springs eternal.

You can read the full article via The Hollywood Reporter and also get information on how Joseph Khan—who previously directed Eminem’s “Without Me”—and Larsen bonded over Khan being hit with accusations of cultural appropriation for his work with Taylor Swift.

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