While saying "fuck Donald Trump" isn't necessarily something new, it definitely means something when an artist of Eminem's stature makes it his platform. During a performance in Scotland last week, Eminem took some time out to let his fans (and the world) know that it's "motherfuck Donald Trump" all day, every day.

Not content to let his issues with Trump die in Scotland, Eminem brought the FACK TRUMP train to his headlining set at the Reading Festival in the U.K., taking some time to speak directly to the crowd. "So Reading," Marshall began. "I'm not about to stand up here and use this fucking stage for some kind of a platform to be all political and shit, and I don’t want to cause any controversy so I won’t say no names—but this motherfucker Donald Trump, I can’t stand!"

Em then led the crowd into a call-and-response: when Em said "fuck," the fans said "Trump." The chant then transitioned into "White America," because of course, he had to.

As of now, there's no word on if Trump is aware of how Em served him, but Trump's got bigger fish to fry. He headed over to Texas early Tuesday to survey the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey, but has also made it easier for cops to get army guns. He also signed that fucking transgender military ban. Fuck Donald Trump, indeed.