Drake and His Dad Team Up for Virginia Black Whiskey Ad

Drake's latest father and son collaboration with Dennis Graham involves du-rags and some subtle shade in the direction of a famous beer brand.

After enjoying some moderate success in his own music career, Dennis Graham has seen a rebirth of sorts thanks to his son. That son? One Aubrey Graham—more commonly known as multi-platinum rapper Drake.

After hearing about the sometimes rocky relationship between Drake and his father on songs like “Fireworks,” the latest collaboration between the chart-topping rapper and his father didn’t happen in a recording booth, but rather on the set of a whiskey commercial.

A new ad for Virginia Black whiskey finds father and son poking fun at Dos Equis’ “most interesting man in the world” character while plugging their own spirit.

“Would you like to know who’s not worried about the most interesting man in the world?” Drake asks, as the ad begins.

The camera then pans to the elder Graham who gets in his own jokes about his interesting sartorial choices.

“What’s under my du-rag?” Graham asks. “Another du-rag.”

Drake, as it turns out, isn’t just a pitchman for Virginia Black.

“As is the case with Diddy and DeLeón, Drake landed an equity stake in Virginia Black after putting his own money into the venture,” reported Zack O’Malley Greenburg of Forbes.

The whiskey checks in on the lower end of the proof range as 80-proof, which translates to 40 percent alcohol by volume. And if you didn’t already catch Drake promoting his new venture on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, you can get a full review (with Views as accompanying music) via FirstWeFeast.


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