Tyga Could Be Facing Jail Time If He Doesn't Pay This $250K Lawsuit

The rapper's track record for paying lawsuits is... not great.

This is a photo of Tyga.

Image via Getty/SMXRF/Star Max

This is a photo of Tyga.

Tyga is facing some pretty serious potential consequences after failing to cough up the cash yet again. The rapper reportedly has a bench warrant out on him after failing to appear in court recently. Conveniently, he skipped out on the hearing that was intended to provide an assessment of his assets, TMZreports.

The hearing was in relation to a lawsuit that was filed by a woman named Shyanne Riekena, who sustained substantial head injuries after being struck on the head with a piece of lighting equipment while attending one of Tyga's concerts. Riekena successfully won her $235,000 lawsuit against Tyga and his music company, Tyga Music, LLC but apparently he doesn't feel the need to like, abide by the laws of society, I guess. 

The lawsuit was initially filed by Riekena as far back as 2015, and it was ruled in her favor in 2016, yet Tyga has still failed to provide compensation for her injuries, which has now climbed to upwards of $250,000. Hopefully someone on Tyga's team snaps some sense into him soon, because after this latest court blow-off, he could be facing jail time.

In the meantime, the rapper continues to deflect negative feedback over his er, interesting cover art for his latest album, KYOTO.

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