Rihanna Hands Reporter a Seat When Asked If She'll Attend Royal Wedding

Rihanna tells it like it is, and if you ask her a dumb question, she will absolutely let you know.

This weekend marks a special occasion for England's royal family. American actress Meghan Markle is set to wed Prince Harry on Saturday, May 19, and their royal union has become a big deal for Americans and Brits alike. We'll likely see a sprinkling of familiar celebs in attendance of the sophisticated event, but apparently Rihanna will not be one of them.

One Access Hollywood reporter was recently on the receiving end of some serious shade when she questioned RiRi as to whether she received an invite to the couple's glorious matrimony. 

When you get roasted by @Rihanna 😂🔥 Riri is clearly not keeping up with the #royalwedding! pic.twitter.com/xeJQePcVi0

— Access Hollywood (@accesshollywood) May 11, 2018

When the reporter first brought up the wedding, Rihanna wasn't even aware it was coming this weekend. "Oh, shoot! See, this is why I need to stay on the internet more," she said.

The reporter said she hoped that Rihanna had been invited and that we might see her there. In an expression that is best described as exuding "uhhhh what?" Rihanna stared back at the poor girl, replying with, "Why would you think I'm invited?"

Trying to push through the awkward moment, the reporter fumbled, "I don't know, you met [Prince Harry]..." before Rihanna jumped in with a perfect response. In expertly executed Rihanna fashion, she let the girl know just how silly that logic was.

"Okay, you met me, you think you're coming to my wedding? Am I coming to your wedding?" The two laughed it off, both seemingly aware of how ridiculous the question had been. 


There you have it, folks. Queen RiRi will not be attending the royal wedding despite having met Prince Harry like, once or twice back in 2016. Case closed, bring in the dancing lobsters.

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