Myles Lloyd Drops His Sophomore Album 'Forever, Yours'

Myles Lloyd's new album spans eight tracks that tackle the challenge of moving on from a relationship while questioning the possibility of second chances.

Album artwork of Myles Lloyd

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Album artwork of Myles Lloyd

Myles Lloyd’s new album, Forever, Yours, closes a chapter on some of his personal memories and emotions, giving him the space to move on while still fondly reflecting on the past.

The album spans eight tracks that tackle the challenge of moving on from a relationship, questioning how different things would be if second chances came into play. As he tells Complex Canada, he wonders how realistic is it to “leave everything in the past and never think about it again—to never wonder how life would be with a do-over.”

Myles Lloyd album artwork

“So many scenarios and thoughts can play in your head and it’s normal,” he adds.

It’s the sophomore LP from the Laval, Quebec native, who Complex recently named one of 30 Canadian artists to watch out for in 2022.

Drawing inspiration from his own life, Lloyd puts his thoughts on full display, diving into the turbulence that comes with a relationship you can’t stay away from. All his feelings about love are out in the open, evident on tracks such as “Better With You” and “Distraction.”

The name of the album, Forever, Yours, is a nod to Michael Jackson’s 1975 album, Forever, Michael, which has been an influence on Lloyd as he listened to it growing up. 

He shares that to him, the album reveals how the past couple of years has impacted people, pushing them out of their comfort zones. “I want to give everyone a different experience to my music than they are used to,” he says of the album’s new direction from his 2019 release, Goodbye

Check out the album below:


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