Cardi B Says Nicki Minaj Beef is 'Made-Up'

Cardi B recently sat down with Ebro Darden for 'Beats 1 Radio' to discuss her debut album 'Invasion Of Privacy,' beef with Nicki Minaj, relationship with Offset, pregnancy rumors, and more.

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Ahead of the April 6 release of her debut album Invasion Of Privacy, Cardi B sat down with Ebro Darden for Beats 1 Radio to discuss her new project, relationship with Offset, pregnancy rumors, her love for Fashion Nova, and even her so-called "beef" with fellow female rapper Nicki Minaj.

"I just feel like it's really internet made-up," Cardi told Ebro. "I really feel like fans and people really want to see that happen because it's really entertaining. To see people beef is entertaining." 

Cardi isn't wrong. She even referenced last year's beef between Minaj and Remy Ma breaking the internet to further her point. "I don't really have the time for that," she continued. "If you not fucking my man, or if you're not taking my money from me, if you're not stopping my money, then I don't really give a fuck about you."

She also addresses the fact that both women were noticeably separated in the official music video for Migos' hit single "Motorsport," which has also fueled the beef rumors. According to her, the two of them simply had different availability during the filming of the video.

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Her latest single "Be Careful" that seems to address her relationship with Offset, as well as utilizing a sound that differs from what fans have become used to from her previous records, was also brought up during the interview. She mentions how the song has an exceptional meaning to her, but she was not necessarily talking about Offset like many assume. "I wasn't talking about Offset. I just was talking about things that I relate to and that have happened to me," she says. "I heard the record before I was even in love with Offset." 

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Of course, the recent pregnancy rumors also came up, rumors that Cardi said may be addressed on her upcoming album. "People just have to tune in a little bit on my album and they will know a little bit more," she says. "Certain things, to me, have to be private."

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Finally, the "Bodak Yellow" emcee discussed her very publicized cosign of women's clothing provider Fashion Nova and says it has given her the opportunity to design her own line to be sold on the company's website. "I know that a lot of people cannot afford expensive ass shit," she says. "Everything is going to be affordable."

For more of Cardi B's interview check out the clips above. Her debut album Invasion Of Privacy will be available on all major streaming platforms on Friday, April 6.

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