YoungBoy Never Broke Again Accused of Violating Pre-Trial Release Conditions, Says He Won't Stop Drug Use

The rapper shared a post of himself lying on the floor with prescription pills next to him.

(Photo by Erika Goldring / Getty Images)

NBA YoungBoy may land himself back in jail after violating his pretrial release conditions after allegedly taking drugs. 

According to court documents acquired by XXL, Ronald C. Gathe, Jr., United States Attorney for the Middle District of Louisiana, filed a court motion on Thursday claiming YoungBoy violated his pretrial release conditions relating to his 2021 Louisiana firearms case. A judge hasn't made a ruling on the case as of press time. 

"The undersigned has learned that the defendant has violated Condition Number (10) and has informed his supervising officer that he has no intentions to discontinue using the substance that resulted in the violation," states the court filing. "The United States respectfully requests that this Court set a hearing to address the violation with the defendant and to determine the appropriate remedial action."

News of YoungBoy's alleged violation arrived after he shared a concerning photo of himself lying on the floor next to a double styrofoam cup and pills coming out of a prescription bottle.

Person lying on floor with a cup and scattered objects, in a casual pose

"& that's why I don't pick up the phone when it ring," he captioned the post. The rapper is currently awaiting trial in his firearms case.

In 2023, NBA's lawyer, James P. Manasseh, claimed his client's mental health has been falling apart rapidly due to being on strict house arrest. 

"Being confined to his home and unable to complete his employment obligations has led to great anxiety, depression, loss of weight and sleep," Manasseh said in the docs. "[YoungBoy] has been visibly stressed and has expressed concern and loss of hope that he will be able to return to his contracted employment obligation."

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