Vanilla Ice Says 2Pac Called Him One of the 'Great Ones,' Claims He Knows 'Too Much' About Rapper's Murder

Ice also said he wasn't surprised that Pac was ultimately murdered.

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Vanilla Ice has shed some light on his friendship with Tupac Shakur.

"2Pac and I are good friends, good dude," Ice on VladTV. "He gave me some of my greatest advice cause he saw me going through hell with all the hatred and all the shit, he stood up for me and said straight up, 'Ice you're fucking dope.' He goes, 'I want you to know, you're one of the great ones, you're dope, you're going to leave your mark, your legacy,' and this is before it happened. He knew it, this guy had a crystal ball he saw things bro, and it makes me get goosebumps."

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In another clip from the interview, Ice said he wasn't surprised that Pac was ultimately murdered.

"Well Tupac got killed, and I wasn't surprised," Ice explained. "That's sad because I think everybody kind of saw, like, how can this guy still be alive after he got shot the first time and the second time, and then now a third time." 

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Ice claimed in addition to the Quad Recording Studios shooting in 1993 and the Las Vegas drive-by in 1996, Pac was involved in two other shootings that weren't life-threatening that very few people know about. According to Ice, he has to watch what he says as he knows too much about Pac's death. 

"How can a guy have all these bullets flying at him and still, you know what I'm saying? It's a crazy story, and I got to really watch what I say on all this because I do know too much," Ice said. "I'm not going to elaborate fair enough, so I let that unfold, and I'm glad it's unfolding, and I'm glad that some justice may be getting done, but it ain't going to bring him back, bro, and we lost a great person because of greed, money, power. We lost a great poet."

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