Tony Yayo Says He Made ‘Six Figures’ on 50 Cent’s Lucrative Tour: ‘I Don't Ask for Much'

Yayo was a supporting act and claimed the tour made a lot of money, stating 50 Cent's merch was in the millions.

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Tony Yayo has revealed 50 Cent's monstrous Final Lap Tour was extremely lucrative and had him see several countries serving as the G-Unit founder's supporting act.

In a new interview with VladTV, the "So Seductive" rapper went into how much money he made on 50's tour, which touched down in over 70 cities in more than 20 countries between July and December last year. Despite not going into full detail on the numbers, Yayo claimed he made "six figures" and 50 made millions just from tour merchandise. 

"His merch is in the millions. He's an icon," he said. "You can ask anyone — the people that ran the tour from Live Nation — they'll tell you, 'Your favorite rapper can't do what 50 just did.'"

In regards to selling his own merch, Yayo said, "I don't ask for too much. I'm making six figures, I don't ask for much so why would I bother you for more? It's cool. I'm not worried about that. Trust me, I'm making a great check […] The money is great, the money is excellent."

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Vlad then estimated that 50 probably made more than $100 million gross in ticket sales, but Yayo refrained from confirming that claim. The 45-year-old also explained what touring with his childhood friend was like and just how nice he is to people he cares about. 

"You gotta understand, lot of artists don't get treated [well]," he said. "People think that Fif is a bad guy, but when you're staying in the Four Seasons, you got the Eiffel Tower there, you staying at the W in Bahrain sipping Ranis on the water."

He continued, "There's an F1 race track around the hotel. You just missed Giorgio Armani at breakfast. It's a fucking movie! Working with 50 is a fucking movie, bro!... I'm tired, we just did six shows back to back. 50's running on the stages, lifting cranes, switching seven outfits, he goes to the gym twice a day. 50's not fucking around."

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