Nas Claims He Introduced 2Pac to Hennessy at Howard Homecoming

A similar story was told by Esco's friend G-Wiz who saw Pac drinking Henny while standing outside the sunroof of a limousine.

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Nas has claimed he introduced the late 2Pac to the popular cognac brand Hennessy during Howard University's homecoming back in the day. 

On "Pistols On Your Album Cover," the tenth track of his new album Magic 2, Nasty Nas reflected on the time he put 2Pac on to the dark liquor that would become a mainstay in hip-hop culture. According to Nas, the moment happened at Howard's homecoming celebration.

"I remember I put 2Pac onto that Henny," Nas said during the song's interlude. "Howard University, Howard Homecoming, D.C. He's like, 'What's this?' He drank that shit, though, word."

Nas' claim is pretty incredible. However, there was a different version of the story told by his friend G-Wiz during a visit to Math Hoffa's My Expert Opinion podcast. According to Wiz, the moment happened right after Nas released "Halftime" in 1992, and it was actually his associate "Thun" who gave 2Pac the bottle of Henny. 

Wiz then said he later saw Pac outside the sunroof of a limo with a huge Henny bottle and screaming, "I wait for God with the .4-4," one of Nas' lines on "Halftime." Hennessy would become one of Pac's favorite drinks as he mentioned it several times in his songs. 

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In his song "How Do U Want It," which was released in 1996, Pac rapped, "It's either him or me, champagne, Hennessy," and on his 2004 posthumous release Loyal to the Game, the song "Hennessy" was a tribute to the liquor brand.

Nas, on the other hand, launched a partnership with Hennessy in 2012. For both his and hip-hop's 50th birthday this year, Nas and Hennessy launched a limited edition bottle. 

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