French Montana Says 'Coke' In His Crew's Name Means 'Creation of Kings Everywhere'

The rapper claimed the name of his entertainment company has nothing to do with cocaine use.

(Photo by Steve Granitz / FilmMagic)

French Montana has once again explained the meaning behind the name of his entertainment company, Coke Boyz Entertainment.

On an episode of Fame & Flavor, Montana spoke with Staten Island native and food influencer Cugine while making a plate of black truffle macaroni and cheese, which was done to honor the rapper's upcoming album Mac & Cheese 5 

Midway into the conversation, Cugine brought flour, "farina" in Italian, into the mix and insinuated the word may have been a different term for French, the "CEO of Coke Boyz Entertainment."

"How'd you get the name Coke Boyz?" asked Cug.

French said, "Coke Boyz stand for 'Creation Of Kings Everywhere,'" which had Cugine reply, "You sure it's not farina, farina?," while tapping the side of his nose to suggest cocaine use. 

The Bronx native denied the suggestion, and Cugine joked, "No one's being indicted here."

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French has previously talked about the acronym. In a 2021 video with CJ, the rapper included "Creation of Kings Everywhere" in the caption.

Recently, Young Thug's lawyer told the courtroom during his trial for his RICO case what his stage name actually means. According to Thug's lawyer, his rap name stands for "Truly Humbled Under God."

"What [the name] means to Jeffery is something very personal," Thug's lawyer Brian Steel said. "It was his pact that if he could ever make it as a musical artist, and help his family, himself, and many others out of this endless cycle of hopelessness, he would be Truly Humbled Under God. That's what 'Thug' means."

Elsewhere in the trial, Thug's lawyer explained the meaning of his song with Gunna titled "Pushin P," was a term of positivity. The song came up because Thug's lawyer reminded jurors of the phrase's history and meaning in connection with the prosecution's argument that Thug is seen in a mirror selfie holding up what they claim is a Bloods sign.

"There's nothing wrong with holding up a Bloods sign, but that's not a Bloods sign. … That is a P," Steel said. "Jeffery's fingers are down. And what you'll learn is that Jeffery just released with Sergio Kitchens, a performer known as Gunna, a song that is wildly popular around the globe. It's called 'Pushin P' and it's positivity. It means any circumstance you're in, if you think positively about something, you can make it through. You're pushing positivity."

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