Freddy P of Da Band Claims Diddy's Threats on His Life Forced Him to Leave the Group

The Florida native said at one point he contemplated killing the mogul over the threats.

(Image via The Art of Dialogue/YouTube), (Photo by Dave Benett / for TAO Group Hospitality)

Freddy P, one of the former members of Diddy's MTV Making The Band 2 group Da Band, has claimed the mogul flexed his power and threatened to end his life and the lives of people in his neighborhood.

In a recent conversation with The Art of Dialogue, Freddy reflected on a time he and Diddy had a heated conversation that led to the latter making an insane threat. According to Freddy, Diddy told him he had enough power to buy the entire block the Florida rapper lived on and would cut off the electricity, claiming anyone who stepped out onto the street would get killed. 

"One day, I was waking up, and I was in a mood. I'm in the studio, I'm snapping or whatever. I didn't even want to be fucked with," Freddy recalled. "You know when you around a bunch of goofies and you a street n***a, sometimes you don't want to be around the nerds. So I'm in that bitch; I'm just frustrated with a lot of shit going on."

He continued, "Anyway, we get into a situation. We in front of everybody, n***a like, "Man, what you think you bout it or something?' He was like, 'N***a, I'll buy every house on your block, shut every light off in that bitch, and every time you come out that bitch you'll get popped.' When he tell you some shit like that, you go to picture him purchasing every house, you going to picture every light going off, and that shit silenced me." 

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Freddy added that Diddy's bold statement fueled his decision to leave Da Band and not participate in anything the group was associated with, including the Chappelle's Show episode where Dave Chappelle and members of the group parodied the show. What Diddy told Freddy that night got him so bothered that he even contemplated killing the mogul. 

"I was trying to take his ass out," Freddy admitted. "Me and my dog, God rest his soul, we had a G Wagon, and he had his little two twos, I had a little pistol on me or whatever. I had the Mac or whatever, and we were waiting for his pussy ass to come out."

Freddy isn't the only former Da Band member who has spoken out against their former boss. E.Ness spoke about Diddy's legal issues on an episode of the Directed by CEO Nafees podcast where he said all the controversy surrounding the embattled music executive is part of a smear campaign. 

"It's a smear campaign," he said. "That's what's happening with Puff. It's a smear campaign....And what they usually do is they go to your personal habits. They start attacking your personal habits, your girlfriends, your exes. Then they try to find something to attack you through those vessels."

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