Kodak Black Says Drake Sent Him $600,000 in Bitcoin: ‘He Said I’m His Favorite Rapper’

In 2022, Drizzy pushed Yak to get a Bitcoin wallet and sent him $300,000 to start.

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Kodak Black has once again praised Drake for being a solid human being after receiving $600,000 in Bitcoin currency as a gift. 

During a recent interview with MONTREALITY at Rolling Loud Portugalthe Florida rapper gave the 6 God the highest salute and praised him for being a genuine and sincere person in the industry. According to Yak, Drizzy sent him over $600,000 in Bitcoin and claimed he's the Toronto megastar's favorite rapper. 

"That boy Aubrey! That's my dog," Kodak said. "Drake sent me like 600 bands in Bitcoin. Drake dropped that shit on me. He said I'm his favorite rapper. I love that n***a."

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This isn't the first time Drake gave Kodak some bread via Bitcoin. Back in 2022, Kodak Black revealed during an interview with The Breakfast Club that Drake pushed him to get a Bitcoin wallet and sent him $300,000 worth of the virtual currency for no reason.

"Drake and I do a lot behind the scenes talking and shit," he said. "I ain't tell nobody this, but the other week that n-gga sent me a quarter-million dollars for no reason. Me and my brother Lance, we in the car and this n***a text me like, 'You got Bitcoin?' I was like, 'Nah.' He was like, 'Set up a Bitcoin wallet.' So I'm putting two and two together, that's four!"

Kodak added, "He was like, 'Yeah man, make sure the email right and the numbers so when I send it.' I'm like, 'Send it?! Nah, hold on, boy, what you got going? What you bout to do?' That fuck n***a sent me 6.6 coins, and at the time, that shit was like $32,000 a coin."

"Shit, and then over time, those coins got up to like 40 bands a coin. So then that shit came in, and it's really like $300,000 in my Bitcoin wallet right now."

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