Diddy Says First Girlfriend Would Be Most Surprised He’s a Billionaire: ‘She Messed With My Best Friend’

The media mogul claimed he has no idea what that ex-girlfriend is doing with her life now.

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Diddy revealed his first girlfriend would probably be the most surprised to know he's gone from making no money to becoming a billionaire.

During his talk with Jimmy Kimmel on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the 53-year-old reflected on what it's like to be a billionaire after several investments pushed him past the mark last year. Kimmel then asked who from his past life would be surprised that he's entered the exclusive billionaire club, and the media mogul stated it would be his first ex-girlfriend.

"I would say my first girlfriend," Diddy said. "She messed with my best friend and broke my heart.... I don't know what either one of them are doing right now. They're not doing this."

Kimmel stated she probably goes to sleep thinking about how Diddy is a billionaire more than the mogul does himself, and the music executive joked that he sometimes haunts his ex in her dreams. 

"I'm not gonna lie," Diddy said. "I whisper to her, 'Remember me?'"

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Diddy's appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! was filled with some hilarious moments, including when Kimmel asked Diddy about the rumors that he wanted to fight Will Smith because Jada Pinkett Smith allegedly tried to hit on Jennifer Lopez.

When asked about his thoughts, Diddy had nothing to say about the rumors and looked Kimmel straight in his eyes to show how serious he was that the allegations weren't true. 

"Yo, this show has gotten crazier since the last time I been here," Diddy said with a laugh at around the 7:30 mark. "You really heard that?"

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