Cam'ron Explains Wild Interview: 'You Call Me on CNN for the Bullsh*t, I'm Gonna Give You the Bullsh*t'

The Harlem rap legend stated CNN or any major news outlet never reaches out to have him or Mase speak on the positive things they do in their communities.

Man in a white jacket and sunglasses at an indoor event
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Man in a white jacket and sunglasses at an indoor event

Cam'ron has given an explanation for his viral appearance on CNN, where he was asked about the graphic video of Diddy allegedly assaulting Cassie

On the latest episode of It Is What It Is, Cam addressed what happened in his CNN interview with Abby Phillip, which made headlines on social media. People online criticized Cam for his appearance, feeling he was being unprofessional by taking a sip of his PinkHorsePower supplement and admitting he was going to have sex after the interview while also refusing to go into detail about Diddy's situation.

According to the Harlem native, CNN didn't invite him to speak on any of the positive things he or Mase does for their community and instead would rather have him speak on issues that he really has nothing to do with. He stated that they have a successful podcast that airs five times a week, in addition to Mase speaking to the youth about chasing their dreams, but in CNN's eyes, they're a better fit to speak on negative issues.  

"We do all these positive things, and you call me on CNN for the bullshit, I'm gonna give you the bullshit. That's just what's gonna happen," Cam said before explaining that everything Phillips asked him was self-explanatory while admitting he was upset he didn't get to promote more of his products. 

Cam’ron reacts to his CNN appearance last night

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"I got us some free promo, I didn't get to shout out the Dipset Couture. Make sure you go online to and order some shirts and everything else, but yeah, I just felt that you tried to use me, pause, to whatever Diddy going through to down him and listen, the video, I don't support it, I don't believe in domestic violence, I don't believe in anything that has to do with being a pedophile. I don't believe in sex trafficking. I think what I seen the video is egregious, and the charges are fucked up. They really fucked up."

Despite his feelings about the video, Cam stood by his actions and claimed CNN should've known better, citing his viral appearances on 60 Minutes and The O'Reilly Factor.  

"But n***a, I said what I said. I gave a disclaimer at the beginning, and we got on the commercial. That was that so that's how that went yesterday," Cam said. "I don't know why they didn't watch 60 Minutes. They ain't watch Bill O'Reilly. This is what I do in those joints, pause. Y'all be inviting me to Fox, CNN, 60 Minutes y'all already know what the résumé is with them shows with me."

He added, "What I really want to focus on cause I know we play and joke a lot, but y'all call us up there for that but don't invite us to talk about shit that's positive. It's cool y'all call me like this. We did this in less than 24 hours. You could have called us up for a bunch of positive different things that we do, but you want to play games, and that's what you got. That's just what it is. I don't think we were playing games I just went up there to promote all the different things we got going on."

Jemele Hill hopped on X to offer a response to Cam's explanation behind the interview and claim that "something ain't adding up." According to Hill, CNN producers usually tell their guests what they're going to talk about and the type of questions that'll be asked. If the person is new, a "pre-interview" would be conducted.

"So either 1) a producer didn’t tell him or his team what kind of questions he would be asked or 2) a producer told him or someone on his team and he purposely decided to use this opportunity as a publicity stunt anyway … or someone in his camp didn’t tell him what he was being asked," she wrote. "And I’m betting that if someone in his camp didn’t tell him what he would be asked, they’re not going to admit that they messed up. Also, if a producer not being on their job led to this, today is going to be a tough day for that person."

So, something ain’t adding up. I’ve done CNN hundreds of times, including Abby’s show. Before every single appearance, a producer tells me or someone on my team what my segment is about and the types of questions that I’ll be asked. If you aren’t a regular, the producers…

— Jemele Hill (@jemelehill) May 21, 2024
Twitter: @jemelehill

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