ATL Jacob Says Kanye and Future Are 'More Influential’ for Hip-Hop Than 2Pac

Jacob worked with Ye on 'Donda 2' and he used to be an in-house producer for Future Hendrix's Freebandz label.

ATL Jacob thinks Kanye West had a much bigger impact on hip-hop culture than 2Pac, one of the genre's most celebrated rappers. 

On Sunday, the producer took to his X page, formerly known as Twitter, and shared a tweet addressing 2Pac's impact over Kanye's based on a graphic that showed Pac had 76 percent more impact than West's 24 percent. According to Jacob, he couldn't believe how that was possible given how many Kanye clones there are in the game. 

"I never seen another Tupac .. but I seen 100 Kanyes .. the influence is brazy," Jacob wrote. He later added, "Kanye west has done more for HipHop than Tupac .. facts."

In response to a fan, Jacob also mentioned Future having a bigger influence, saying, "Tupac a great rapper but Future more influential than him as an artist."

Twitter: @atljacobbeatz

Twitter: @atljacobbeatz

Twitter: @atljacobbeatz

It's important to note that ATL Jacob has some history with Ye. In 2022, he joined forces with the Chicago rap legend during the recording sessions for Donda 2 and produced "Pablo," "Louie Bags," and "Keep It Burning." Despite his appreciation for Ye, Jacob hinted that it wasn't easy working with him as there were some issues over payment. 

Donda 2 was only released on Kanye's Stem Player and not on streaming services, which means there was no concrete way of collecting royalties for the services provided on the album.

"Everybody was confused like, 'How do we get paid?'" Jacob said in a VLADTV interview. "I'm still confused. If he banned from Stem Player now, how we get paid?"

He added, "I ain't tripping though 'cause I learned a lot working on them, just creative-wise," he added. "I learned a lot. Even business too, I learned a lot. … As long as the songs ain't out publicly and I still didn't get paid, then it's cool. You just learn." 

In other news, ATL Jacob dropped off the video for "MF Problem." Check it out below.

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