Ari Lennox Goes Off on Person Who Throw Bottle at Her: 'Don't You Ever Disrespect a Beautiful Black Woman' (UPDATE)

The singer showed her tough side by letting the crowd know she will handle anyone who throws something at her.

UPDATED 12/1, 5:30 p.m. ET:  Ari came equipped for her Oakland show on Thursday.

A viral clip that started on TikTok and made its way to Twitter shows the 32-year-old wearing a red helmet complete with facemask, one night after the bottle-throwing incident. 

Pausing the music to introduce herself, Lennox asked her fans at the Oakland Arena, “I don’t know, should I keep this shit on or what?”

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The Age/Sex/Location artist is on the road with Rod Wave through Dec. 18, so we’ll see if the helmet sticks.

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Ari Lennox had to let a fan know that she would not be disrespected by anyone who thought throwing a bottle at her while performing during Rod Wave's tour stop in Los Angeles was a good idea.

In video that circulated on Wednesday night, Lennox began performing her 2022 hit "Pressure" when a water bottle flew towards her and struck her in the arm. With no hesitation, the Dreamville singer addressed whoever threw the bottle and clarified that she had no issue dealing with the troll. 

"Bitch, don't fucking play with me, stop that shit," Lennox said as she walked towards the area the bottle was thrown from. "I'll fuck you up from here. Who the fuck did it? Who the fuck did it, I'll fuck your ass up cause I don't play that. I'm a real ass bitch, and I will fuck your shit all the way the fuck up. Don't you ever disrespect a beautiful black woman on the stage like that. I will fucking fuck you up. Yes, the fuck right, we get it bitch."

A security guard came to help Lennox as she continued to curse at whoever threw the bottle at her. She was eventually escorted off the stage as her set was cut short thanks to the bottle-throwing troll. 

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Fans have been doing the most all year when it came to throwing things at artists during concerts. In June, Bebe Rexha was hit in the face by a phone after a fan threw it at her during a show in New York City. She was later rushed to the hospital to receive several stitches.

Kelsea Ballerini was also a victim of a fan throwing things when an unknown item struck her in the face during a performance in Boise, Idaho, last month. Ballerini exited the stage to tend to her injury before returning and asking the crowd not to throw anything at her.

In July, Adele told fans she would deal with anyone who wanted to hurl something at her. According to the "Easy on Me" singer, she would cause harm to a person who violated her in that manner.   

"Have you noticed how people are like forgetting fucking show etiquette at the moment, people just throwing shit on stage have you seen them? I fucking dare you to throw something at me, and I'll fucking kill you," Adele said before firing off a t-shirt gun at the audience. "Stop throwing things at the artist when you can shoot it to people. [Laughs] I've been seeing these people, these people lost it."

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