Adele Won't Tolerate People Throwing Items at Artists: 'I'll F*cking Kill You'

The UK singer said she will happily "dare" someone to throw something at her while she's performing.

Adele has made it loud and clear that she'll handle anyone that decides to throw something at her while she's performing on stage.

During one of her residency shows in Las Vegas, the UK singer took time out of her performance to address the item-throwing incidents that have been plaguing her fellow performers. According to Adele, she doesn't want anyone to throw something at her because she'll have to take measures into her own hands.

"Have you noticed how people are like forgetting fucking show etiquette at the moment, people just throwing shit on stage have you seen them? I fucking dare you to throw something at me, and I'll fucking kill you," Adele said before firing off a t-shirt gun at the audience. "Stop throwing things at the artist when you can shoot it to people. [Laughs] I've been seeing these people, these people lost it."

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This trend of throwing items at performers has risen tremendously over the last few months. In June, Bebe Rexha was it in the face by a phone after a fan threw it at her during a show in New York City. She was later rushed to the hospital to receive several stitches.

Kelsea Ballerini was also a victim of a fan throwing things when an unknown item struck her in the face during a performance in Boise, Idaho, last month. Ballerini exited the stage to tend to her injury before returning and asking the crowd not to throw anything at her.

Most recently, Lil Nas X was nearly hit with something when a fan tossed a sex toy resembling a vagina on stage. The "Old Town Road" singer handled the situation humorously by asking the crowd, "Who threw they pussy onstage?"

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