Snoop on Kanye: 'He's Crying Out for Help'

Snoop visited 'The View' yesterday and shed some light on why he believes Kanye is doing and saying what he is, with a beautiful 'Pac story thrown in to make your day.

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Snoop stopped by The View yesterday and shared some poignant insight into Kanye West’s arguable period of confusion, to say the least, and how much of it is rooted in Kanye’s relationships with women—namely, the absence of strong black women like his late mother, and the unhealthy attachment to the types of women surrounding him on a daily basis.

Snoop started off light, claiming he “thought he needed some medical attention, first and foremost,” upon hearing Kanye’s comments regarding slave mentality seeming like a choice. “But after I got past the laughing, I started feeling sad for him.

Regarding the Doggfather’s psychological diagnosis into Kanye’s personality shifts and public behavior, there’s some genuinely perceptive insight on Snoop's part and an explanation that just rings plain and true.“He truly misses his mother, he truly misses a black woman in his life,” he said. “He truly misses the ability of havin' someone tellin’ him when he’s wrong and correcting him and checkin’ him as opposed to allowing him to continue doin’ what he’s doin’. That, to me, is someone who needs help. To me, he’s crying out for help. Instead of me bashing him, we tryin’ to help now.”

Nobody knows what it’s like to be one of the biggest global megastars of an era like Kanye West—except people like Snoop, who was there before him. Kanye’s fame is just expounded by the fact that his wife, too, is one of the world’s most famous people—and ‘Ye’s understandably vulnerable psyche may just bee too frail at times to healthily handle all of the attention. Snoop’s explanation seems to argue that much of his misguided outcry is rooted in grief for his mother that was never fully processed—and psychological growth that’s been stunted by his Calabasas and Kardashian lifestyle.

Fortunately, the ladies of The View didn’t let Snoop leave without sharing a Tupac story. It’s a beautiful day when everything you love and believe about 'Pac is reaffirmed with a story so endearing and lovingly told that it could make you tear up. 

“My relationship with Tupac was extra close,” he said. “Actually, it was a point in time when me and my girlfriend at the time, we were havin’ ups and downs, and a lot of my friends was tellin’ me that I should just go ahead and be solo ‘cause I was Snoop Doggy Dogg and I could have any woman that I wanted, and Tupac pulled me to the side and was like, ‘Forget what they talkin’ bout. That girls love. You need to marry her.’ I ended up marrying her and 20-something years later, we’re still together.”

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