Nas Subtly Replies to Kelis Abuse Accusations in Instagram Comments

Nas is commenting on Instagram posts supporting him over ex-wife Kelis, only a few days after she opened up about their allegedly abusive relationship.

In a carefully observed series of Instagram comments from Nas, author Michael Arceneaux noticed how the Illmatic rapper was subtly commenting on the recent abuse accusations against him by ex-wife Kelis, giving people who are publicly siding with him props. 

Nas and Kelis have had a fairly tumultuous relationship that didn’t make the child custody hearings any easier, and according to Kelis, the pair’s marriage wasn’t any smoother, either. In an extremely candid interview last week, the “Milkshake” singer opened up about her formerly romantic relationship with Nas, and how he allegedly physically abused her throughout. She also claimed he wasn’t the best parent, showing up after weeks of being absent whenever it suited him best. Nas has been commenting on Instagram posts defensive of him by writing “applause” and posting 100 emojis in response.

“One or two restaurants would have been cool,” an Instagram user wrote. “You started doing too much & she da chef. You know you not suppose to live son!” Nas replied with a 100 emoji, agreeing with the theory that Kelis is envious of Nas’s successful business endeavors. 

“We need to build the black community, black women are used @ Times by the feminist agenda targeting black men & white supremacy as well, and it’s not what he shows on social media, brothers and sisters, because truthfully it’s none of our business,” wrote another IG user. “We not judge & jury, but some play God, but let God Son raise his son in peace.” Nas replied with “applause,” seemingly agreeing with the notion that Kelis is unfairly targeting the rapper. 

Another user wrote, “God been blessing you since you left that woman and it is for reason,” with Nas posting a series of 100 emojis in his reply. While none of this has been tried in a court of law, and it's cryptic and inconclusive, with the aforementioned abuse allegations only being discussed by strangers online, it’s unfortunate to see these two artists be so embattled and to have potentially engaged in violence in the past.

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