Listen to Mike Dimes’ “Home” Remix f/ J.I.D

Rising Texas rapper Mike Dimes has remixed his album's lead single "Home," enlisting the lyrical talents of Dreamville's J.I.D to give the track new life.

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Rising Texas rapper Mike Dimes has remixed his album’s lead single “Home,” enlisting the lyrical talents of Dreamville’s J.I.D to give the track new life.

The fresh rendition of the In Dimes We Trust track finds J.I.D spitting his usual thoughtful bars about how much he’s achieved since leaving home.

“In the land of Atlanta, I love bein’ home/I want a seat on the throne, I ain’t gon’ leave it alone/’Fore all the people is speakin’, nah, let’s even the score/Knock on the door, it’s a shotgun, you peepin’ a hole/N***as’ll sleep on the floor, I used to sleep on the floor/I’m undefeated, you want a feature, I’m eatin’ your soul,” J.I.D raps.

The initial single amassed over 24 million streams on Spotify, and Dimes’ debut In Dimes We Trust landed on our top albums of 2022 so far list. In a Complex sit-down, the 21-year-old described how different he feels from his rap peers.

“I mean, not to sound very egotistical with it, but I feel like I’m very different,” Dimes said. “I make my own type of music. There are similarities, and you could see influences of other rappers, but when you pay attention to the core, it’s really just me, because you’ll hear a song like ‘Home’ and then you’ll hear a song like ‘Snow White’ on my project, and it’s very all over the place. That’s how I am anyway. So it’s very distinct.”

Mike Dimes is currently in the midst of his tour with Earthgang, which hits Fort Lauderdale tonight. He’ll also perform at Rolling Loud Miami on July 23. 

Check out the remix to “Home” featuring J.I.D below via Spotify or up top through YouTube.

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