Drake’s Chicago Tour Opener Had Him Performing With Sperm Visuals

Drake kicked off his It’s All a Blur Tour alongside 21 Savage on Wednesday in Chicago, and took a moment during the performance to pay homage to hometown hero Virgil Abloh.

Drake First Night Tour
Photo By Marcus McDonald
Drake First Night Tour

Drake kicked off his It’s All a Blur Tour alongside 21 Savage on Wednesday in Chicago, and his background light show made headlines after fans speculated the floating objects looked like sperm. Drizzy also took a moment during the performance to pay homage to hometown hero Virgil Abloh.

Drizzy kicked off his first tour in five years alongside his Her Loss collaborator 21 Savage at the United Center in Chicago on July 5, and fans were quick to notice the floating sperm rushing above the 6 God as he ran through his expansive catalog. Another notable moment came a couple of songs in, when Drake took a second to unveil a giant statue of the late Off-White designer on stage, which was a fitting move as Illinois serves as Abloh's home state.

“Please make some noise for one of the most important people I’ve met in this industry,” Drizzy told the cheering crowd. “Make some noise for one of the greatest minds that we’ve ever seen. Our brother, our family, he goes by the name of Virgil Abloh. Let’s pay some respect.”

In a post of the statue on his Instagram Story, the 6 God added: “Our brother is watching.”

Elsewhere in the show, 21 Savage entered the arena to Fantasia's "When I See U."

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Twitter: @ComplexMusic

Twitter: @ComplexMusic

The big statue served as a tribute to what has become an iconic photo of Virgil Abloh tossing a kite down the runway at a Louis Vuitton show during Paris Fashion Week in 2018.

Drake also has a tattoo of the aforementioned picture and even dedicated his 2022 house album Honestly, Nevermind to Abloh, who died in 2021 after a two-year battle with cardiac angiosarcoma. He was 41 years old.

Elsewhere in Drizzy's set, which opened with the Take Care cut "Look What You Done," The Boy ran through a few nostalgic hits such as “Over” and “Headlines,” as well as more recent cuts like “Way 2 Sexy” and “Sticky.” 21 Savage then performed 12 of his own tracks before the Her Loss pair took the stage together to close out the show.

Drake also dropped another hint about his forthcoming album, For All the Dogs, which he teased alongside his new poetry book Titles Ruin Everything that he dropped in June.

“I look around at all these faces. I know it’s summertime, I gotta give you shit!” he called out to the crowd. “I don’t know about these guys that go away for three, four, five years and wanna chill out and all that shit. That’s not me."

“With that being said, I got an album coming out soon for y’all. It’s called For All the Dogs. I always hear people talking about, ‘Damn, we miss that old Drake.'”

He continued: “I understand what you mean. You need more music so that you can, you know, feel good about your new lover, shit on your exes, get fly, get drunk, show love to your family, show love to your friends.”

The duo will return with another show at Chicago’s United Center on July 6.

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