Drake Sends Fat Joe Socks After Jokingly Admitting He’s ‘Jealous’ of Rapper’s Lifestyle

The personalized socks were gifted to Joey Crack after the Terror Squad leader admitted he’s “jealous” of the OVO hitmaker's recent business deals.

Drake responded to Fat Joe's recent comments about being jealous by gifting him what the Terror Squad leader called "the most disrespectful" gift he's ever seen: a pair of black socks.

Joey Crack took to Instagram to inform his followers that he'd received an early birthday present from the 6 God, who had mailed him a box via Stake, the online casino company he joined up with in 2022.

“You can’t make this shit up,” Joe said in the video as he opened the box. “Congratulations Fat Joe, it’s your birthday. You’ve got a present from Stake. Stake, a.k.a. my brother Drake’s company. What a beautiful package. Oh my God, let me see what they gave us.

He then noticed the socks: “Fat Joe socks. Yo, this is the most disrespectful shit I’ve ever seen in my life. Yo Stake, yo Drake. I said I don’t have a sock or croissant. God damn, be careful what you wish for. Thank you. It’s the thought that counts.”

He added in the caption: “Thank you @champagnepapi and @stake for my precious 1 of 1 socks.”

The birthday gift comes after Fat Joe said he was jealous of Drizzy's lifestyle last month, commenting on rumors that The Boy may have been handed his $185 million “Air Drake” jet for free, as well as his $1 million 2Pac ring he was recently seen flaunting at Starletts. He joked that while Drake may have received all these gifts, he can't even get a "fucking pack of socks" for free.

“Let me tell you why I might be jealous of Drake,” Joe said on Instagram Live. “I’ve never seen a guy people love more. Because it’s rumors his airplane—which looks like the flyest plane in the world—was actually given to him by a friend. Someone who wants to be down with the man who has a 15-year run of unstoppable hits.

“Then there’s a guy who owns all the crypto shit, he buys the 2Pac ring for $1 million and he gives it to Drake. Who the fuck is giving people this type of shit? Yes, I’m not making this shit up!”

He added: “Bro, they won’t give me a fucking pack of socks! They won’t give me a croissant. Fuck, this some bullshit.”

Regardless of the alleged envy, Fat Joe has always held Drizzy in high regard, previously telling Rick Ross on Instagram Live he's the "Michael Jackson of this time."

"Drake is possibly the hardest person to get in touch with and let’s be clear, every song he does goes No. 1 and he’s just like, the Michael Jackson of this time," Joe said.

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