Boosie Badazz on Kodak Black Shooting and L.A. Being Dangerous for Rappers: ‘You Gon’ Get Got Out There Bro’

During a lengthy sit-down with VladTV, Boosie Badazz was asked to share his thoughts on Kodak Black being shot in Los Angeles over Super Bowl weekend.

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During another lengthy sit-down with VladTV, Boosie Badazz was asked to share his thoughts on Kodak Black’s recent shooting in L.A. While he wouldn’t speak on the Florida artist’s incident specifically, he offered some words of wisdom rappers should follow when heading to the City of Angels.

“I’m just trying to think why a n***a hit Kodak,” Boosie said when asked why the “Super Gremlin” lyricist was targeted by a gunman. “I don’t really wanna speak on that.”

The 39-year-old Baton Rouge native added that he’s needed to tread carefully doing business in Los Angeles.

“When I’m out in public you always gotta be worried about a thing when you developed a past like that,” he said. “When I’m out in the street, regardless of what I’m doing I’m looking over my shoulder...especially in L.A. That’s where all the rappers get robbed. They can’t protect you in L.A. bro. I only go to L.A. to take care of something, you know, get money, you know, like straight get money on business terms. I’m in Universal Studios, I’m trying to get money. Wherever I’m at, I’m not in the streets in L.A. I don’t really got nobody to protect me in L.A. but me, but us. I got a few grapes I fuck with but I ain’t tied in to really, you know, n***as I can call...[Nipsey Hussle] gone, shit—Nip used to get us rent-a-cars and shit.”

Boosie said L.A. is the “wild wild west,” and that rappers need to be “ready to go” upon arrival. “You gon’ get got out there bro. You better be ready to go as soon as you get off the plane,” he said.

Boosie’s comments come after Kodak Black was shot in the leg while outside of Justin Bieber’s house during a Super Bowl after-party. Kodak recovered after being briefly confined to a walker for a few days. While Wack 100 and others have speculated as to why Kodak may have been targeted, the M.C. downplayed the incident during an interview with the Breakfast Club. 

“I’m the type of n***a, nobody gonna make me feel bad, man,” Kodak said. “I’m going to show you my scars, I’ma highlight them myself. So you won’t be like, ‘Oh haha, you got popped.’ I’m laughing at my damn self, I’ll be like, ‘Damn them n***as shot me real good.’”

Check out Boosie's comments up top, and Kodak’s full response to being shot below.

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