PinkPantheress Offers Nardwuar A Producer Credit In New Interview: 'You Want A Producer Cut? You Got It'

The two linked up for an interview this week.

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PinkPantheress may have just dropped her debut album, but she's ready to attach a big name to her next batch of music.

During an interview with Nardwuar the Human Serviette, PinkPantheress was impressed by just how much he knew about her tastes.

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Nardwuar gifted the British singer with a vinyl record consisting of East African folk music out of respect for her mother's Kenyan background.

He then pointed out one of the tracks he believed PinkPantheress could sample. The singer called him "hilarious" in response to that and then asked if he wanted a producer cut on that potential song.

"You want a producer cut? You got it," PinkPantheress said.

"Ba-boom!" Narduwar responded emphatically.

The two continued to bond over the maps and historical tidbits that came with the record, showing PinkPantheres' knowledge and interest in her mother's home country.

Nardwuar didn't stop his gift-giving there and gave PinkPantheress several more records, as is customary for his interviews.

Another standout part of the interview saw PinkPantheress do her best Nardwuar impression.

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Earlier this month, PinkPantheress remembered losing out on a session with Kendrick Lamar because she missed his call while she was at the movies.

The UK artist will also be touring North America next year, with stops in Toronto on Apr 7 and Montreal on Apr 10.

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