Nicholas Craven Explains Meeting With Jay-Z: "The Best Confirmation of Who I Thought He Was"

Montreal producer Nicholas Craven posted a photo of him in Los Angeles with Mach-Hommy and Jay-Z. In an interview with Complex Canada, he explained the moment.

Just a few weeks prior to the release of Shadow Moses, Nicholas Craven’s collaborative project with Mike Shabb, the Montreal producer posted a picture of him posing with Mach-Hommy and Jay-Z on Instagram.

In Complex Canada’s interview with Craven, he got to explain the experience and how it felt to meet Jay-Z.

“Very nice guy,” Craven said. “Real hip-hop head. He’s a real lover of art and music. And just a real dude.”

Craven knows the old adage that claims you should never meet your idols, but he’s grateful he did.

“It’s nice because a lot of times you don’t want to meet your heroes because you might get disappointed,” he explained. “It was the best confirmation of who I thought he was. Shoutout to Jay.”

Though Craven couldn’t go into detail about his trip to Los Angeles, he did say that Jay-Z was a big fan of Mach-Hommy. He did provide us with a hint, however.

“Dump Gawd. That’s all I’m gonna say.”

With Shadow Moses finally out, Craven and Shabb are both set to perform at The Green Room in Oka on Sunday, May 7.

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