Poet laureate and pop princess Taylor Swift is in the process of trademarking various lyrics from her blockbuster album 1989. As reported earlier, this is likely in preparation for Camp Swift's upcoming world tour, where bloodthirsty fans will spend weeks of lunch money and their entire month's allowance on merchandise featuring phrases like "This Sick Beat," "Nice to Meet You. Where You Been?," "Party Like It's 1989," "Could Show You Incredible Things," and "Swiftstakes." 

We are big Taylor Swift fans here at Complex, and this news got us thinking about that time Drizzy started suing people for using #YOLO, and other lyrics in the rap pantheon that are especially worthy of trademark status. These are the catchphrases that are so memorable that they've become a part of our popular lexicon. There are many such phrases, especially in rap, but here are 10 that have major merchandising potential.

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