Plies Has Been Remixing Every Hit This Year So We Graded Some of Them

The king doesn't take a day off.

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God bless Plies. It's 2014, we're still waiting on his Purple Heart album after the release of his stellar single, "Fucking or What," but have no fear—he just keeps P-Mixing everything. At least the dude knows what's hot right now, but if you're looking for the only rapper to remix Nicki Minaj's "Pills N Potions" right, look no further. Plies is on it. 

It looks like he has no plans to stop anytime soon, so in order to keep getting Plies to remix every hit of 2014, we listened to his most recent remixes—which we pretty much missed at first—and picked his best lyric with a grade for effort, style, and how many times we laughed.

Wiz Khalifa's "We Dem Boyz" 
Standout Line:
"She asked me, do I love her? I told her, ‘bitch, I don’t know your name’!”
B. It's a pretty lonely anthem now that Plies hopped on it because is he even Boyz with Wiz? Either way, he's not afraid to threaten anyone who does mess with his boyz, whoever they are.

R. Kelly's "Marry The Pwussy"
Standout Line: "Trying to spell my whole damn name in this Pwussy, fuck it baby I'm trying to put a rang on this pwussy."
Grade: B+. Honestly, this should have just been a Plies song from the start.

Chris Brown's "Loyal" 
Standout line:
"Just cause she goes to church don't mean she won't f**k somethin."
A. He mentions that men, too, aren't loyal. Bless him.

Cash Out's "She Twerkin"
Standout line: "I pay for the dance but I don’t need it/Cause I get hard too easy"
Grade: A-. Another song that should've just been Plies' from the start.

Nicki Minaj's "Pills N Potions"
Standout line: "But why you let me fuck you raw if you dont trust a bitch?"
Grade: B-. Nicki's anthem got Plies in his feelings, and it's mostly pretty weird but kind of heartwarming, too.

Migos' "Fight Night" 
Standout line: "Nigga I walked up in the club with a rubba on/Fuck these bitches in the club, I don't bring em home"
Grade: B. Could Plies be the fourth member of Migos? Move over, Quavo.

John Legend's "All Of Me" 
Standout line: "Them lil stretch marks you got, that sit on your asscheeks/When I'm hitting it from the back, look like the ocean to me."
Grade: A. Best remix of 2014, hands down.

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