Everyone Relax: Jay Z Assures Fans That Tidal Is Doing "Just Fine"

Jay Z hopped off the phone and on to Twitter to reassure Tidal subscribes that the service is doing fine.


Jay Z has decided to spend his Sunday afternoon on Twitter sharing some #TidalFacts. Almost a month after its launch, there have been a ton of reports on the downfalls of his new streaming service. It fell out of the top 750 apps on the iTunes store and some of the stars aligned with the company have been wishy-washy on their support. But its biggest downfall is the fact that the service's exclusivity has, if anything, promoted more leaks of songs and videos.

Either way, he's on Twitter right now reassuring fans that the service is doing "just fine." 

Read more about Tidal in our breakdown here, and cross your fingers that Jay/Bey joint album can save the service. In the meantime, can we please get some of these exclusives while you're at it, Jay?

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