Sources: J. Cole and Diddy Scrapped at a VMA After-Party Over Kendrick's "Control" Verse

There are rumors the two got into a scuffle last night.

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On Sunday night, the Ciroc Amaretto Launch Party/VMA afterparty was held at the Ph-D at Dream Downtown in New York City. Yesterday, Twitter buzzed with rumors that Diddy and J. Cole were both involved in an incident at the Ph-D afterparty. Today, we hear more about what possibly sparked their post-VMA “fight.”

It all started with a quick tweet from @Amir_FT and @JRahGoody:

Lol @ J.cole in the elevator last night. We were going up and he was gettin thrown out for trying to fight diddy. #LifesFunny. S/O 2 him tho
Table with Rihanna next to Hov and Bey watching Drake rap All Me live and seeing Cole get thrown out for fighting Diddy. Last night was real

Multiple sources familiar with the situation told Complex it went down like this:

1. Diddy was visibly intoxicated.
2. He tried to confront Kendrick over the “King of New York” claim in his “Control” freestyle.
3. Diddy allegedly attempted to pour a drink on Kendrick, and J. Cole intervened.
4. The two started arguing and Cole allegedly put his hands on Diddy, which then led to problems between their respective crews.
5. After a brief scuffle, both crews separated.

We reached out to the Dream Downtown to confirm the party. Their reps said they hosted an event on Sunday night with a variety of celebrities but could not give out further information on the incident. However, photos via FakeShoreDrive from the event confirm that J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, and Diddy were all in the building:

Ibrahim Hamad, a close friend of Cole's, went on Twitter yesterday to fight the rumors:

The Internet is a crazy place you niggaz reporting shit with no facts, Cole ain't get thrown out no party and he damn sure aint get beat up
Ain't gon go into details about last night but get the facts right first before you rush to report some shit for some extra blog clicks

When confronted with this version of events, reps weren't exactly eager to speak on it. A representative for Diddy declined to comment on any of the above. Representatives for J. Cole did not respond to repeated requests for comment. A rep for Kendrick Lamar confirmed his attendance at the party, but would not confirm or deny anything that happened at Ph-D. 

But also, none of their reps denied it. Yesterday, Diddy did take to Twitter to address "rumors," though he wouldn't spefically address which ones except to say that he and J. Cole are "friends" and had a "great party." So here's your takeaway: Everyone heard Kendrick's "Control" verse, and some people are taking more umbrage at it than others.

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