Everyone Relax: Beyoncé Posted Some of Photos of Her and Solange on Instagram This Morning

One just says "Good Morning."

via Instagram

In today's latest Knowles Instagram drama, Beyonce has spent the last hour posting photos of Solange to her Instagram. Sounds like no drama at all but since Solange basically cleared her sister from her own Instagram yesterday except for a few pictures, this looks like a very subliminal attempt to shut people up about this whole "elevator incident."

Earlier this week, leaked footage from an elevator within The Standard Hotel High Line showed Solange attacking Jay Z in what looked like a very hostile argument—all while Beyoncé stood back and a bodyguard stepped in. Hopefully, this is their "public statement" that everything is cool.

No one has made an official comment about either situation but Bey and Jay were spotted sitting courtside at the Brooklyn Nets game on Monday night.

[via Instagram]

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