Thanks to Everyone Who Hate-Watched the Aaliyah Biopic, It's Now the No. 2 Telepic of 2014

This is what happens with millions of people tune in to live tweet and hate-watch.

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Let's not kid ourselves, the best thing to come out of Lifetime's Aaliyah biopic was the #LifetimeBeLike hashtag that took over Twitter on the night of the movie's premiere. But thanks to the 3.2 million people that tuned in to hate-watch, The Princess of R&B now ranks as the No. 2 telepic of 2014, according to Billboard

As our review states, the biopic was as bad as people expected—and everyone from Timbaland to Aaliyah's family tried to halt production. Following the premiere, Timbaland took to Instagram and later went on Hot 97 to discuss his issues with the film in detail. 

Either way, this is a win-win for Lifetime, as the network's remake of Flowers in the Attic sits as the No. 1 telepic of the year. The network is now prepping its 2015 biopic on Whitney Houston—so, we're sure there will be another round of hate-watching in the near future. 

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