Those Flashy Watches 21 Savage and Amber Rose 'Spoiled Each Other' With Are Expensive AF

Amber Rose and 21 Savage are rocking some flashy watches they gifted one another. Here's the company responsible for them.

Amber Rose

Image via Getty/Prince Williams

Amber Rose

Amber Rose and 21 Savage haven't been romantic for very long—at least as far as we know—but they've already been the subject of numerous headlines during their brief fling. Savage's fans have already expressed their sadness over the rapper becoming a one-woman man, but you'll have to just suck it up and deal, because shit is apparently getting real.

So real, in fact, that Rose and Savage have apparently started hooking each other up with some ultra-expensive gifts. Perusing through Rose's Instagram story, a blinding video of a pair of watches greets anyone interested in what Rose and Savage are up to.

21 savage watch
amber rose watch 21 savage

Things must be pretty serious if they're treating each other to some bling like this, but after having the shine from the watches nearly melt our retinas, a question needed to be asked—where did these watches come from?

After some investigation, it looks like the watches are made by Patek Philippe, a Swiss watch manufacturer founded all the way back in 1851. And if you thought Rose was kidding about the whole treating themselves thing, you should see the sticker price on these suckers. Even on websites known for their bargain bin price structures, like Walmart and eBay, one of these watches will cost you in the neighborhood of $55,000. Yikes!

Complex reached out to a rep for Patek Philippe for comment, and though they haven't yet confirmed these are their watches, the resemblance is striking if you inspect the watches for details.

patek watch

The lighting makes it a little harder to decipher, but the watch face is identical to what you see in Rose's story, and the diamonds are certainly bright enough to be the ones we see on Instagram. 

I imagine there are a lot of more practical items you could purchase for a combined sum of $110,000, but hey, I'm not the one trying to express my love here, nor did I just drop a fairly successful album. If Savage and Rose feel they need to express themselves with diamonds instead of through flowers and lots of affection, they shouldn't let anyone stop them.

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