Amber Rose and 21 Savage were seen together in public again, inspiring people with nothing better to do to automatically assume there's some sort of dating shit going on. Rose and Savage were filmed by TMZ (who the fuck else would it be?) Wednesday night doing something that clearly only two people who were romantically involved would be doing: riding in an automobile together.

In footage taken at the Catch restaurant in Hollywood, Rose and Savage are seen getting into the same vehicle and, well, that's about it. If you listen closely in the clip, you'll hear a photographer person who follows celebrities around for a living randomly ask Rose if she would be up for joining the Fast and Furious franchise. Rose responds by joking that she's not a good driver.


Last week, Rose and Savage were captured by similar forces while exiting the Belasco Theatre after apparently attending Red Bull's Brownies and Lemonade event featuring "secret guests."

Once again, the two simply got into a car together:

By these reports' logic, anytime you look over in traffic and see more than one person in a car together, you can assume they're totally dating.

Rose, who recently announced her third annual SlutWalk event, hasn't addressed any of this on social media. Savage hasn't either, though he did recently offer this:

In the meantime, kick back and enjoy 21 Savage's newly launched cartoon The Year 2100: