Jacquees and Ella Mai Remain Friends After “Trip” Remix Incident

Despite the controversy brought about by the infamous remix, Jacquees says that he doesn't harbor any feelings of malice towards Ella Mai.

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The saga of the "Trip" remix was certainly one of the more interesting R&B conflicts of this year. Jacquees was so enticed by the Ella Mai song that he decided to perform his own rendition. The song's popularity bubbled up until the point when the singer was forced to take his version of the record down, to the dismay of his fans. The song would eventually find its way to "alternative" platforms.

During his recent The Breakfast Club interview, Jacquees sat with DJ Envy and Angela Yee to discuss many things, including the infamous remix. Around the 23:54 mark of the video above, he gives his opinion on the situation. "I ain't talk to her since all that shit happened," he says, referring to the remix situation.

However, he then spoke about how the situation transpired, recounting his first time meeting Ella Mai. During a stop on Chris Brown's Heartbreak On A Full Moon Tour (Jacquees served as an opening performer), Ella Mai made an appearance. "When I came backstage to meet her, she was like 'I've been a fan of you for like six years.'"

After the initial meeting, Jacquees said that they have multiple encounters, and even goes to say that the two of them became friends. 'We still friends. I ain't gonna say 'was' because I'm a real n***a. That's still my dog."

Jacquees recalls the moment when he put out his "Trip" remix, stating that it had even received a stamp of approval from Ella Mai herself. "I remember I put it out and Ella Mai commented under it. She put all the fire [emojis] up under the shit."

When the video was taken down, he wondered why other Ella Mai remixes such as ones done by Fabolous and T-Pain were left up, but his alone was taken down. Ultimately, he doesn't hold it against anyone, as he ended by saying "it's all love at the end of the day."

Jacquees also addressed the remix situation during an appearance on Power 105. He told DJ Clue that people within Ella Mai's camp believed he was "trying to monetize off the record," which he claims wasn't the case.

"I dropped it on my Soundcloud. And the director who shot the [remix's] video, he dropped it on his YouTube; and, of course, when you drop it on YouTube, that's how you monetize," he said at the 1:30-minute mark below. "But it's all good [...] Mustard should've put it together, bruh. I mean, of course, they had their own success, but the fans, the people, they wanted it."

Jacquees went on to say that Musard—"Trip's" co-producer—did a good job scrubbing the remix from the internet; he also said he has no beef with the hitmaker and that he hopes to collaborate with him.

"It's all love," Jacquees said. "You see, I know how the game goes."

You can check out the Power 105 interview below. 

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