Premiere: Westside Gunn and B.E.N.N.Y. Hit the "Lotto" on New Green Lantern-Produced Single

Westside Gunn unleashes the latest single from his next project, 'Chris Benoit.'

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Fans of the Shady Records-signed, Buffalo, New York-bred Westside Gunn have been waiting for this cut. Taken from his forthcoming project Chris Benoit, Gunn linked up with B.E.N.N.Y. to spit some grimey bars over the hypnotic DJ Green Lantern-produced track, "Lotto." The hook's going to be stuck in your head after hearing this, trust, and according to Gunn, the song is inspired by a throwback match from Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho. 

"This video is ART, this video is CULTURE; this just sets the tone for what's to come on my new album Chris Benoit. Me, Benny, and Green created a monster inspired by one of the greatest matches of all time."

For what it's worth, the title of the album is putting some people off, considering the horrific tragedy that befell the Benoit family. When he presented the Isaac Paleyo-created cover art, all Gunn said was that for those who wondered if he could top his 2016 project FLYGOD, he answered that he could with this project Chris Benoit. Both Gunn and his frequent collaborator Conway have dropped projects referencing Hitler and Bin Laden, and are both wrestling fans (in 2015, they dropped Hall & Nash, a reference to nWo architects Scott Hall and Kevin Nash). We say that to say that all of this is par for the course when it comes to Gunn.

Check out the match that's soundtracked by this infectious cut, and get prepped for Chris Benoit.

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