Premiere: Stabber and Starkey Soundtrack Your Turn Down With "Summer Space Sex"

Stabber links up with Starkey for his new EP, 'Back 2 Basic.'

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While we're finally starting to actually feel what spring is supposed to be, some of our favorite bass music producers are already on that summertime kick. Italy's Stabber, one of the heads behind the progressive Lucky Beard Records, is back with a new EP, Back 2 Basic, which definitely does what it says on the tin. This time, though, he brought some friends along.

One of the fresh collaborations on the release is "Summer Space Sex," a track with Starkey which sounds like something Star-Lord would put on when it's time to woo an intergalactic bae under the Milky Way. Starkey's an American bass beast who is no stranger science fiction and has thrown that space traveling influence into his work. "Summer Space Sex" might give off galaxial vibes, but it still maintains a booming foundation that will crush your speakerboxes if you're messing around. It's slow, hypnotic, and should be at the forefront of your turn down sessions this summer.

"Summer Space Sex" is available for free until April 28, aka when Back 2 Basic drops. The release has a number of Stabber originals, as well as a feature from Kozee, so keep it locked.

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