G Herbo Explains Why He Initially 'Wasn't Pleased' With Kanye West's Slavery Comments

During his one-on-one conversation with Peter Rosenberg, G Herbo spoke out about why he wasn't pleased with Kanye West's comments on slavery.

This week on Open Late, Peter Rosenberg was joined by Chitown's own G Herbo. Their sit-down conversation dove into a number of directions, including how well Herbo works with Southside and Herbo's love for his son. After diving into the moves Herbo has been coordinating to making Chitown better for those coming up after him, the conversation shifted to Kanye West, another Chicagoan who has his own ideas for a better tomorrow.

Rosenberg asked Herbo to speak on why he wasn't pleased with Kanye saying slavery was a choice. "I wasn't pleased because I didn't understand the direction he was going," he answered. After admitting that he's still not understanding the totality of Kanye's comments, Herbo said that "just being around him...I kinda feel like he's got good intentions. Not saying he's doing it the right way, but he's got good intentions."

Herbo continued, saying, "You've gotta touch the people first. He's so far removed up there, he's not really thinking what the people are seeing, what we're going through." Herbo said that, when Kanye explained his comments to him, it started to make sense. "He said, 'I wasn't saying slavery was a choice like we choose to be in slavery, but slavery was a choice to me, to Nat Turner, to Harriet Tubman.'" Herbo said it was a choice in the sense that they had a choice to run, or a choice to fight.

Both Rosenberg and Herbo agreed that it all boiled down to how these opinions were expressed.

For more from this week's episode, check out the full episode over on YouTube.com/Complex.

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