Premiere: Alvin Risk and Hodgy Beats Go Full-On "Beastmode"

Alvin Risk continues to amaze with his new single "Beastmode," featuring insane vocals from Hodgy Beats.

Image via Fool's Gold

A year ago, Alvin Risk was talking about his creative process as it related to his 2014 EP, Venture. While he's been relatively silent since (he did release "Skyclad" with OWSLA), he's back with a new Fool's Gold single entitled "Beastmode." It's the kind of record that runs through you with the impact of Marshawn Lynch.

The title track, which features Odd Future member Hodgy Beats going hard on the mic, is a mighty morphing cut that switches moods and speeds at the drop of a dime, all of which Hodgy flows with perfectly. According to Alvin, the ferocious title of the track came from Hodgy himself: "Started it on a bullet train. Working title was in the dust of this planet. Hodgy made it into 'Beastmode.'" It all makes perfect sense, as Hodgy completely blacks out on everything Alvin threw at him.

When asked for comment on the track, Hodgy simply told us that he was "Smoking on that paak, Anderson, Anthony, Hamilton, triple entendres." You'll have to listen to the track to get the full picture.

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