Childish Gambino's New Track "This Is America" Has Fans Stunned

Donald Glover has been on fire lately and his streak of amazing work continues with his new Childish Gambino track, "This is America."

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Donald Glover's winning streak continues with his new Childish Gambino track, "This is America." The song dropped right before he performed it on SNLwhere he was both host and musical guest. 

"This Is America" is an inquisitive track paired with a powerful Hiro Murai-directed music video that follows the shirtless Atlanta star around a warehouse, where he goes back-and-forth from being funny to serious (much like in most episodes of Atlanta). He is seen performing various styles of dance through the building, grooving with children, and also shooting multiple people.

In the song, Glover sings, "This is America/Don’t catch you slippin' now."

In the video, Gambino interacted with various scenes behind him, including one where there's a car on fire, another with a running horse, and him shooting with what appears to be an assault rifle after singing the chorus. "This Is America" explores homeland terrorism as everyone in the video is touched by violence in some way. Every person in the video that was shot is either left laying or the body is dragged away while the guns are handled with care, making a powerful statement on gun violence. At the end of the video, SZA made a brief cameo appearance. 

Infinity War spoilers, but with no context...#ThisIsAmerica

— Tomiwa (@Tomiwa) May 6, 2018

The powerful song has made many jaws drop and people have been talking about it nonstop since Gambino's performance on SNL. Read some of them below.

So many layers of symbolism
-References to mass shootings & hysteria
-Black men shot; meanwhile the guns are handled with care
-The current state of hip hop; seemingly unaffected by anything going on

I could go on. Donald Glover you nailed it.#ThisIsAmerica

— Mamba Forever (@gznupe1911) May 6, 2018

The more you watch the #ThisIsAmerica video, the more you realize that there's so much going on in the background and that Donald is just a distraction - and that's the whole point. #StayWoke (don't catch you slippin' now)

— Siyabonga 🔴⚪️ (@sabu_mahlaba) May 6, 2018

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