Drake Brought Out Kanye West at Irving Plaza and Covered "Only One"

Kanye gave Drake a pair of new Yeezy Boosts, too.

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With the whole world buzzing about his new mixtape, Drake kicks off All Star Weekend in New York at the Sprite Concert with headliner Nas. Performing new cuts from If You're Reading This It's Too Late and his old hits as well, the 6 God reached out to Yeezus himself for the assist.

Performing his verse from "Don't Like," Kanye made the crowd at Irving Plaza go pretty fucking crazy, and even handed Drake a shiny new pair of the Yeezy Boosts. Hopefully that doesn't get him into any trouble with his Jordan Brand connects, though. 

The bromance between the two also continued when Drake covered "Only One" during his set. Watch videos and pictures from his performance below and buy Drake's If You're Reading This It's Too Late here.

Update: Here's a video of Drake's full performance, courtesy of a dedicated YouTube user.


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