Finding Boots: The Mysterious Producer Behind Beyoncè's New Album

Find out what we know so far.

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The whole world has been in love with Beyoncè's record breaking new album all week, but one of the biggest mysterious of the album has been hidden deep within the liner notes. An unknown producer and writer known simply by the name of "Boots" has producing and writing credits on a large portion of the album.

An attempt to reveal the identity Boots was started by Buzzfeed earlier this week garnering a number of interesting developments, chief among them being the fact that Boots signed to Roc Nation earlier this year and a whole album of tracks that eventually ended up being on Beyoncè were posted on his  Soundcloud account and quickly taken down. The only thing left on the account is a reference of "Haunted" which appears on Beyoncè's album.


The search for Boots has continued in South Florida's Broward/Palm Beach New Times -- where they identify that the name Boots is actually a cover for musician Jordy Asher, a frontman for many bands in the area. Asher gained national fame for his band Blondes but then disappeared. Until his apparent resurgence this year. The New Times points to this tweet in particular, posted by Beyoncè's creative team mds as the tell tale proof that Boots is indeed Broward's own Jordy Asher


celebrating with my dear friend BOOTS who wrote 4 songs and co produced 80% of the album

To strengthen the actual impact left by the co-producer; Bey speaks highly of Boots/Asher and his work on the stand out song "Haunted" on her iTunes Radio station shortly after the album released as well:


The plot thickens, and hopefully fans haven't heard the last of the mysterious man behind the boards.

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