Kanye West's "All Day" Co-Producer Velous Talks About the Making of the Song

The producer also talks about how French Montana helped contribute. Kanye revealed his long-awaited single "All Day" to the world this week at the Brit awards.

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Kanye West finally revealed his long-awaited single "All Day" to the world this week, during an exciting performance at the Brit Awards. The co-producer of the song, Velous, sat down with MTV News to talk about the creation of the song. The young producer said he created the original beat for French Montana while on the couch watching "Saturday Night Live."

A source in Kanye's camp confirmed with Complex that French brought Kanye over 80 beats close to one year ago, and Ye took interest in the beat that would later become "All Day." Our source tells us the song is produced by Kanye West with co-production from Velous among others. Over the last 11 months or so, Ye took the initial idea and reworked it, and French won't be receiving any production credits on the track. We're sure there will be a few more co-producers on the song, as well.

Watch the video above and check out Kanye's talked about performance of "All Day" here.

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