Don't Sleep on Chicago Rapper Chris Crack's Latest Mixtape, "Kickin It With TW"

The "TW" stands for Trill Withers.

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The "TW" stands for Trill Withers, a most ludicrous #RapGame moniker that I do look forward to Chris Crack earning via the full course and trajectory of his rap career. Godspeed.

As for Crack's latest tape, I'm a couple weeks late (hi, Gary) to Kickin It With TW. But this first full week of autumn, on a bullshit Monday at that, is ripe as ever for this sort of project, impossibly cool, with its old-cool bassline samples and Motown sensibilities paired with Crack's angry but unhurried flow. Let the intro tracks' ("Smoke Sumn," "Roto Connect") dawning treble horns and purple twang hallucinate you a proud pair of wings. "Won't Say a Word" and "Rose Gold on My Two Fangs" are some of the low-key slickest production moments I've heard this year, and Crack does his beats justice. 

"Never knocking their feng shui; Bible on the dashboard/Never needing no gunplay; I'm a cool kid." 

Kickin It is certainly less aggressively absurdist than Crack's recent #FREESWAG mixtape series. Less Odd Future or Raider Klan; here he's a young(er) man's Nipsey Hussle, you might say. An emotive Chicago street rapper who's yet the furthest thing from drill. Kickin It is Cadillac meditation. Man, listen.

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